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Terms & Conditions

I. General Terms and Conditions of the Agency

The scope of these general terms and conditions covers the agency's brokerage services and the general terms and conditions of the respective service providers, hereinafter referred to as escorts.

1. Contract with the Agency
The agency acts solely as an intermediary. It connects escorts with customers and receives a commission from the escorts for its services. Escorts are independent entrepreneurs offering services in their own name and on their own account. Payments for escort services are made exclusively to the escorts, not to the agency. All details regarding the services are coordinated between the escorts and their customers.

2. Booking Attempts by Minors
Minors are not allowed to use the agency's services. The agency reserves the right to request proof of adulthood, such as a copy of an ID, for age verification. If customers fail to comply with this request or if their minority is confirmed after verification, no brokerage will take place.

3. Agency Duties/Liability
The agency will strive to facilitate an agreement between customers and the desired escort, but does not guarantee a contract with the escort. Escorts, as independent entrepreneurs, have the discretion to accept or decline requests. The agency also does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by escorts in their profiles. The agency clarifies that escorts, as independent entrepreneurs, are not agents of the agency. The agency is not liable for the actions of escorts, and it disclaims any responsibility for the manner, method, or quality of the services provided.

4. Payment, Money Receipt Authorization
Customers are not separately charged for the agency's brokerage services. Payment arrangements for the services are made directly between customers and escorts. If the agency is exceptionally authorized to receive payment (e.g., for advance payments), it holds money receipt authorization from the escorts.

5. Data Protection
The agency processes customer personal data exclusively for booking purposes in compliance with relevant data protection regulations. Detailed information on data processing is available in the agency's privacy policy.

II. General Terms and Conditions of the Escorts

1. Nature and Scope of Escort Services
The nature and scope of contractual services are determined independently by escorts in consultation with their customers.

2. Escorts' FeesDetailed information on fees and any applicable travel expenses is provided in the profiles of individual escorts. As escorts set their own fees, variations in pricing may occur. Customers can hand over the agreed-upon fee in an unsealed envelope to escorts at the beginning of the date. Alternatively, customers can transfer the fee in advance to the agency, which acts as a trustee and forwards it to the respective escort. The agency has been granted money receipt authorization by the escorts. An advance payment of the agreed-upon fee may be required by escorts, particularly for bookings with extended durations or longer travel distances.

All costs incurred during the date (e.g., meals, drinks/tickets for events, etc.) are the responsibility of the customers. An extension of the date is possible, and the additional fee for the extension should be handed over to the escort at the beginning of the extension.

3. Cancellation
Pre-arranged dates with a duration of more than 2 days can be canceled by customers free of charge up to 24 hours before the start. For dates with a shorter duration, customers can cancel free of charge up to 4 hours before the start. In the case of last-minute cancellations by customers (less than 24 hours for dates lasting more than 2 days/less than 4 hours for shorter dates), customers are obligated to reimburse 30% of the total agreed-upon fee for the date.

If customers fail to attend the date without prior notification, the full amount for the date must be paid to the escorts. Any already made deposits will not be refunded. Escorts may terminate the date due to sustained disturbances or customer misconduct. In such cases, neither the fee nor the incurred travel expenses will be refunded.

Customers and escorts have the option to end the date after the initial meeting. In this case, the agency expects prompt notification of the date's termination. Customers are only required to pay the incurred travel expenses and a flat fee of EUR 100.00.

4. No Direct Contact
Escorts predominantly pursue a reputable main profession; therefore, discretion is crucial. Escorts do not wish to establish private contacts with customers or receive private contact attempts. Escorts' personal information should be respected, and customers should refrain from direct contact attempts. The agency must always be contacted to arrange a date.

5. Condom Requirement/Other Customer Obligations
According to the relevant provisions of the Prostitution Protection Act (Prostitutionsschutzgesetz - ProstSchG), condoms must be used during sexual intercourse. Escorts expect customers to present their best behavior during the date and to act as true gentlemen. Customers are also responsible for ensuring that escorts are not endangered or damaged physically or in their property during the date. Customers are liable for any damages caused to escorts due to their fault during the execution of the assignment.